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Writing and editing is very hard work. Despite all the time and effort put into learning writing, not everyone is a good writer. However, many jobs across all industries list “excellent communication skills, both written and verbal” as a prerequisite to be considered for a position. At the individual level, people with no time but plenty of resources often outsource resume writing to third parties. Businesses outsource writing skills to third parties as well. This is a testament to how valuable writing is.

I am offering my skills so that you can rest assured that your content is in the hands of someone who has experience writing for multiple audiences and can shape the tone of your content to speak to those audiences. I have written about gaming, business, marketing, sales, current events, and sports, and the list of genres is growing.

Creating content costs time and money. The gig economy is in full swing as you have noticed with services such as Uber and Doordash—people have become their own businesses, utilizing their assets (such as their cars) to transport people and goods. Going into a future where employment could be fully automated, I have decided to become a freelancer and be my own boss. I will explain this in blog posts on my website further as time goes along, and as I gather more information.

All content on this website is created by me and me alone, with the exception of my logo. There is also no advertising on this site, so I am not beholden to any interests from anyone.


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