Jose Alvarez

Experienced writer available for content creation, consultations and more


One of the most important aspects of a writer’s job is how credible they are. Without credibility, a writer’s work greatly suffers. Here are some testimonials from the clients I have had over the years.

“Jose has done a great job here at helping us at DVS Gaming increase our content quality and web traffic. We are currently ranked 150,000th in the world on Alexa and Jose has been a huge part of that journey.” – Edward Nicholson, CEO, DVS Gaming

“Jose has been a go-to guy with DVS Gaming ever since he joined. His work is professional and timely, and he’s always willing to listen to a dissenting opinion. He’s a budding leader, and a dedicated worker.” – Dr. Jorge A. Gaspar, Vicarious PR

“I’ve worked with Jose for a few years now and I can honestly say he’s one of the most reliable, thorough, and conscientious ghostwriters I’ve come across.” – Tom J., BossContent

“Congratulations! You found one of the best content writers on the Internet. More than 5 years ago, I hired Jose as a research consultant to help planning a dissertation proposal for one of my clients. He was so diligent and thorough, I looked for every other possible opportunity to hire him. Now I’ve benefited a lot from his work on promotional blogs, keyword articles, professional presentations, and social media content. A lot of content writers are abstract thinkers with their heads in the clouds, but Jose has a valuable balance of creative and methodical/concrete thinking. If you hire Jose, you’ll get content that is not only concise and well-written but also well-researched with citations to credible research articles.” – Jon Griffin, BossContent

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