It’s Pride Month. This is a month when companies pretend to care about LGBT people when they really just care about what’s in their wallets. No, really, virtue signaling is something I can spot easily. It’s very common in Catholic school to virtue signal, which is why I immediately question people’s intentions.

While some companies do genuinely care about LGBT people, a vast majority of them really want to just place rainbows on their product in the name of LGBT acceptance. Some people spend their entire lives in the closet, like this guy (who your grandparents and maybe even your parents watched on TV):

Rock Hudson.
Fun fact: homosexuality was considered a mental disorder for 47 years of this man’s life.

While Pride Month is a celebration of LGBT culture, the reactions to it are more a celebration of stupidity than anything else. You don’t need to celebrate being straight, just like you don’t need to celebrate the fact that you paid your mortgage this month, or that your kid made the middle school honor roll. It’s another pedestrian achievement that really means nothing at all in the grand scheme of things.

It was never illegal to be heterosexual. Some countries still outlaw homosexuality and punish it with death. Those countries are terrible for other reasons as well (funding terrorism and basically treating women like property). Nobody was ever discriminated against for being heterosexual. So why do people need to celebrate these things? Why celebrate something 95.5 percent of people already are?

Translation: “I’m the 95.5%!”

I believe the whole idea of “straight pride” is an exercise in stupidity. Some people are threatened by LGBT people (think evangelical Christian pastors, Fox News commentators, my former high school classmates) because they are flat out stupid. Now, someone might ask, “Why do you have to call them stupid?” It’s because stupidity and ignorance are choices. You can choose ignorance and stupidity, just like you can choose what you want on your deli sandwiches or what kind of car you will buy.

As for being LGBT? That is never a choice to anyone, but is rather something someone might discover growing up. My uncle was pursued by many women as a young adult. He is now gay, which may have broken hearts along the way, but it’s not like he chose to tell off all those women to get with a ton of guys, right?

Since when did LGBT people become robots and all of a sudden straight people want their own parade for mediocrity? It’s because people are stupid. Educate people in 2019, because people have been gay for several millennia. It’s not because someone’s parents or grandparents told them gay people are bad, it’s because people make the choice to be ignorant and stupid.